The Community Law Office / Gabriela Lopez

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Gabriela Lopez is an Oakland based immigration and criminal defense attorney who practices deportation defense for immigrants with criminal histories and criminal defense for immigrants and activists. In 2014 she founded The Community Law Office to provide low-income immigrant communities with competent legal representation and advocacy.

Prior to becoming a solo practitioner Ms. Lopez worked as an associate at a small San Francisco based law firm with a focus on family based immigration. Ms. Lopez serves on the National Executive Committee of the National Lawyers Guild, where she promotes diversity in the legal profession and advocates for young lawyers to take leadership roles in their organizations and communities. Ms. Lopez is also a former Co-Chair of The United People of Color Caucus.

As a member of the NLG, Ms. Lopez developed and conducted know your rights presentations for people affected by the New York Police Department’s discriminatory policing practices as well as individuals affected by post 9-11 policies. She has also represented individuals arrested in mass demonstrations.

Prior to law school, Ms. Lopez organized low wage cafeteria workers in the San Francisco Bay Area into labor unions and advocated for a living wage and worker retention for subcontracted workers. Ms. Lopez earned her B.A. from the University of California Santa Cruz and double majored in political theory and Chinese history.